Using Your Blender To Increase Fiber Intake

There is one myth that people are bothered about when blending fruits and veggies. They say that when you blend any fruit or vegetable, all of its available fiber, if not reduced, will be removed after blending. But if this is what you believe, think again. Regardless, whether you use a variable rate blender or not to blend a particular fruit or veggie will not destroy all its fiber but will surely increase your fiber intake.

Contrary to other beliefs, blending your food simply mixes your food inside the jar to make a slurry and smooth result of that food. Fibers are not destroyed by cutting, chopping, or blending. They cannot even be broken down into sugar molecules and be digested by a human body, for goodness sake. They will simply pass through the human body undigested, which is perfect for people who want to lose weight. 

Blending Facts

The first fact, juicing is different from blending. Juicing is extracting the juices from fruit or veggie and removing all its fibers, thus infusing all the nutrients directly into the bloodstream right after drinking. While blending, on the other hand, is mixing all the ingredients inside the blending jar and retaining all of its pulp and fiber.

The second fact, blending supports digestive health. Since blending retains all the pulp and fiber of the food, the result of that food becomes a powerful tool to sweep toxins in your digestive tract and improves your regular waste elimination. This is because fibers are not digested by a human body and are simply passing down your digestive tract together with the excess carbohydrates you have inside.

The third fact, blending, balances sugar. This is still because of the fibers retained after blending the fruit or veggie since fibers help regulate the body’s use of sugar by satisfying hunger and keeping the blood sugar in check.

Increasing Your Fiber Intake

Now to increase your fiber intake and immensely improve your digestion, then you should blend these particular foods regularly. And in less than 30 days, with a regular intake of fiber, you will undoubtedly see and feel the healthy difference in your body.

  • Apples: This fruit typically has 2.4g of fiber for every 100g. With its natural sweetness and refreshing taste, this is one of the many fruits you should not forget on your list.
  • Carrots: Carrots are one of the popular veggies to either be juiced or blended. If you want to increase your fiber intake thru carrots, then you should blend them. They have two grams of fiber for every 100g, so you grabbing them for regular fiber intake should ease your tummy.
  • Peas: Despite their size, peas have a relatively large amount of fibers you can have. For about five grams for every 100g, blending these veggies should improve your digestion.
  • Lemons: Are you a lemon lover? If you are, then you should indulge yourself in more lemons. With a fair amount of 2.8g of fiber for every 100g, lemons are also packed with other nutrients such as Vitamin C.
  • Cauliflowers: This is a veggie commonly used as an ingredient for vegetable meals and other cuisines. Also, you can blend this veggie and get two grams of fiber for every 100g. You may add some natural sweetener or blend it with sweet fruits as desired.
  • Spinach: This food is packed with tons of nutrients and minerals, which is common to dark leafy veggies. Aside from that, spinach weighing 100g has 2.2g of fiber, so a regular intake of this vegetable should boost your digestion.
  • Raspberries: If you’re a person who is targeting weight loss on your diet, then having raspberries on your blending list should be one of your best options. With seven grams of fiber for every 100 grams, raspberries are one of the best fruits you can have with much fiber in every bite. Aside from the fibers, raspberries are mostly loved because of their tart-like and sweety taste, which is perfect for blending.

Just remember, increasing your fiber intake does not happen after drinking one or two glasses of fiber-rich smoothies, and a weight loss diet does not happen overnight. Consistency is key to improve your digestion thru fiber intake. So you need to develop the habit of regularly having a healthy drink to achieve these results.