Tajín Shakes Out the Salt

9 Apr

Tajín Shakes Out the Salt

If you know Mexican food – then you probably know Tajín. Tajín is made by the Mexican company of the same name, and it’s a spicy, tangy sprinkle on flavor additive known for its chili and lime combination.

Tajín is a ubiquitous condiment in Mexico, available pretty much everywhere food is made, sold, consumed, etc. Tajín goes especially well in the Mexican beverage michelada – which can best be summarized as a Bloody Mary made with beer instead of vodka.

From a nutritional standpoint, the primary “flavor” in the product is salt. A 1/4-teaspoon (1 gram) serving of the Clásico flavor provides 185 mg sodium. That’s about 8% of the salt per day that the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends for people (who are not African American, do not have hypertension or who are not older than 51 years). Not bad – but can be worse for those who load it on in multiple times per day and in shakes larger than 1/4 teaspoon servings.

Thankfully, now, there’s a lower salt option: Tajín is available as Low Sodium Tajín. With 127 mg per 1/4-teaspoon (1 gram) serving – it might not sound like a huge reduction – but the lower salt variety provides 31% less sodium than the original.

In addition, the LS version meets the US FDA nutrient content claim for Low Sodium as it is under the 140 mg per serving threshold. If you’re comparing to good old fashioned table salt, there is 22% as much sodium in a 1/4-teaspoon shake of Low Sodium Tajín as there is in the same amount of table salt.

Use the Low Sodium Tajín on vegetables, in micheladas, or add with lime to air popped popcorn for a delicious mid-day treat. For more ideas on what to do with Tajín, check out their recipe suggestions from the Tajín website.

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